HEALTHeNET Platform Replacement Announcement

Message for HEALTHeNET Users

HEALTHeNET launched a project last year to replace its current system with a new custom-built solution. The project is nearing completion and the new system is launching on Saturday, November 3, 2018.

Although the current system has been highly effective for many years, it is necessary to replace it with one built on state-of-the-art, modern web technologies that incorporates industry best practices for usability, scalability, security and privacy. The new system is custom-built and wholly owned by HEALTHeNET. It will enable HEALTHeNET to deliver an improved user experience and will give us maximum flexibility, including payer-configurable options, to support and expand the platform as the community’s needs continue to evolve.

What You Can Expect

All current HEALTHeNET users will be migrated to the new system on November 3, 2018. The upgrade will be automatic and seamless for users on their first login after the launch date. No additional steps are required on your part.

We made visual and layout changes to the system to improve the user experience but did not make fundamental changes to its core features, nor did we introduce changes that would impact your workflows or change the way you interact with the system to get your job done. You will continue to access the system via the HEALTHeCOMMUNITY Portal and your current web browser.

No formal training is required to use the new system. The visual and format changes that are rolling out will be similar in scope and nature to the changes deployed in October 2017.  If you know how to use the current system, then we believe you’ll have no problem using the new one.

What’s New

As mentioned, HEALTHeNET made visual and layout changes to the system to improve user experience. The most notable changes include:

  • Users will now have a HEALTHeNET badge in the HEALTHeCOMMUNITY Portal for each account
  • Individual transaction screens have been redesigned to make them easier to read and navigate
  • Medicaid has been added to the payer drop-down list and is no longer a separate menu option
  • A new role-based security model has simplified user administration ensuring all users have access to the same functionality
  • Referral Inquiry and Authorization Inquiry have been combined on a single screen
  • All name sequences have been changed from last name, first name to first name last name
  • Deductible and out of pocket charges will now display as an easy-to-read graphic/dial
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and BlueShield of Northeastern New York ONLY – Bone Density, Diabetic Education, Diagnostic Mammogram, Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program, and Orthotics are no longer separated in additional benefits and are represented with all other benefits

How to Get Help

There are no changes to the help desk support process. Phone support is available Monday through Friday from 7 AM – 7 PM EST, excluding holidays. The help desk phone number is 1-877-895-4724. After hours support can be sent via email to and will be responded to on the next business day.

Have Questions?

Should you have any additional questions regarding the new system launch, please contact our help desk at 1-877-895-4724.